In 2014 Nicole established Chic Chien Chateau Rescue.  She has since grown it into a fully functioning 501c3 with a special medical needs program.  For more information please visit .

Chic Chien Chateau is a foster based rescue founded in 2014.  Specializing in saving dogs that have been overlooked on death row, Chic Chien Chateau transports these helpless pups from both national and international areas where they do not have the same chance at finding a forever home. Shelters can be a scary place for animals as well as potential adopters, so by placing our dogs with fosters they are able to receive the tender loving care they need, and adopters can see the true personality of these happy, safe animals. 
The only difference between our adorable pups and the ones you will find at a breeder or pet store is that ours truly need homes, and may not have the same opportunities for a good snuggle buddy.  Our goal is to place these beautiful creatures with an owner that will create a love to last a lifetime.

We at Chic Chien Chateau believe all dogs should get their chance at a loving happy furever home which is why we have started our special needs program.  When space at a committed foster home is available we take in extra special needs pups.    For every 10 dogs adopted Chic Chien Chateau will rescue a special needs or medical care dog.  Our hope is that in the future we will be able to constantly have 2 (or more!!!!)  medical/special needs dogs in our rescue at all times, just like humans medical assistance for dogs is very expensive so when a dog arrives to a shelter in need of medical attention they have little to no chance of being adopted or even shown for adoption.  Your donations and adoptions allow us to take in dogs that otherwise would never receive proper medical attention and would be euthanized. Every time we receive an adoption donation a portion of that donation is put aside for this program- because no dog should lose their life due to medical costs.

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